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Precision Club in BIL & IAC

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Precision Club

The Beginner Intermediate Lounge (BIL) and Intermediate/Advanced Club (IAC) on Bridgebase Online are Clubs devoted to players who want to improve their Bridge. They provide a friendly environment where players can learn and hone their Bridge skills. Many teaching classes are held and I (OliverC on BBO) will be restarting an 12-month Course on Precision Club in IAC starting on 6th August 2016, held every Saturday at 9pm GMT/UTC. This site is intended to give full details of the variety of Precision that I teach, and to act as a reference point for people attending those classes.

BIL is a great place for beginners and improvers, whilst IAC is a good place for graduates from BIL to continue to hone their Bridge skills, and both Clubs are really excellent teaching environments.

Below is the latest news on this site and details of the next IAC Precision sessions I'll be conducting. You can also check the next Practice Session in case you wish to attend. You can also see details of how The Precision BILlies are faring. Notes on the system can be found by clicking nn the links on the left of the page or at the top. Each of the blue menu options on the left subdivides into various Sub-Sections shown in the red menu options.

Teaching Sessions & Practices

Next IAC Session

On:- Saturday 1st October 2016 at 21:00pm GMT/UTC
(22:00pm UK, 17:00pm EDT)

Topic: 1NT Opening and Responses (1)
Comments: 1NT Opening, Stayman, Transfers

Next Practice

Sunday 2nd October 2016 at 17:00pm EDT (22:00pm UK)
Location: IAC
Topic: Targetted Practice

Latest News

The Precision BILlies

IAC Team Series Results & Fixtures
Come and watch the BIL Complex Precision Team in action in the IAC Teams League Sunday Section.

Details of the next match are as follows

Our Most Recent Match

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